• Powerful compressor cooling
    • Stainless Steel water tank
    • Pointed spike for eacy bottle mounting
    • Easy replaceable taps
    • Faster cooling with ice ring formation
    • Auto temp. control / Auto cut off
    • Elegant design, easy to operate
    • White colour to match every interior

    Water Cooler Dispenser

    • 2 Times more cooling than any other brand dispenser
    • Fast water glow
    • Piano key type buttons on top
    • Compact in size
    • Dia: 36"(H) x 11" (D) x 11" (W)

    White Wave Premium

    • Available : 15 ltrs to 300 ltrs
    • Ideal for heavy cold water usage
    • PUF Insulation
    • Adjustable cold water thermostat

    S.S. Water Cooler

    • We use latest and very powerful micro controller for almost zero failure rate.
    • Excellent and innovative design fo the machine enables technician to access any component within the machine in less than 2 minutes
    • All models have provision to dispense half cup of any beverage (except basic model)
    • 16x2 characters, bright and steady display
    • You can check numbers of cup disposed for each beverage
    • You can set temperature of beverage as per your need
    • Coin machine or Smart card reader can be externally attached for control of consumption of beverage
    • You can digitally set volume of water and grams of powder to suit your taste
    • The machine has built-in overload and short circuit protection for maximum safety

    Tea Coffee Machine

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